HAUNTED MUSEUM - October 2022

Big Horn County Historical Museum, Hardin, MT

Promoting: Posters, Facebook Event page, word of mouth, write-up in local daily booklet, door-to-door campaigns

During: FB live, IG stories & reels, posting photos

Goal: As many people as we could get walking through the Museum

This event was a collaboration with OneHealth Clinic and their annual Haunted Hardin event, which I had worked on the previous year. I approached the event coordinator and pitched her the idea of a haunted museum. Trick-or-treat at the museum, with local businesses sponsoring a museum building by providing decor, volunteer and candy. 

Word of mouth and the local daily write-up were the most effective tools in this campaign. Door to door distribution of posters gave opportunities to talk about the event and the businesses involved, as well as sponsorship opportunity calls and visits.


Businesses involved - 17

Feedback: All were excited about the event and very eager to participate again

People through event - around 600

Feedback: Excellent.

The community was excited and supportive while mentioning the businesses involved and their renewed interest in the museum.


DEATH OF A DRIFTER - October 2022

Big Horn County Historical Museum, Hardin, MT

Promoting: Posters, Facebook Event page, word of mouth, 1/4 page ad in local weekly newspaper, write-up in local daily booklet, door-to-door campaign

After:  posting photos and thank you's on social media

Goal: People in the museum, reminding the community about the museum and a way to get involved

A night at the museum solving an original themed mystery.

There was so much interested we expanded our original attendance limit twice. The community was a-buzz surrounding this event and several people who could not attend who were eager to hear about future happenings at our facility.


Sold out event with rave reviews and requests for more.


Hardin, MT

Rebranding: New logo and graphics, new signage

Promotion: Posters, postcards, write-up in local weekly newspaper and local daily booklet, radio interviews, sponsorship campaign, FB and Instagram blitz before, during and after each market

Goal: Providing easy and affordable access to healthy, locally grown food. Promoting local farmers and businesses.

This was the first year I was involved in this event. I rebranded and provided a collection of content that they are still using.


Highest attended year to date. Averaged around 500 people per market.

Also highest participation of vendors and food trucks.

Below is the logo before and after, and samples of social media content:

Previous poster with logo